Feature & Follow Friday

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Today is Feature & Follow Friday hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read

How do you cure a book hangover/blogging slump/reading slump? via Take me away

I haven't had a book hangover, I usually just start over at the beginning and read it again if I want to stay in that world. Blogging Slump, I haven't been blogging long enough to get in a slump. Reading slump, I usually just read a different type of book. Way different book. Like if I'm all into Paranormal Romance, I'll switch to True Crime.

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Chapter 1 of RUN

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Chapter ONE
Rick the IT Guy

The zombie apocalypse was really fucking with my head. One minute I was at my job, sucking up to my new boss–don’t judge, I didn’t want to be on the next list of layoffs– then in the next moment I’m running for my life with Rick the IT guy in full zombie brain-eater mode after my ass.

Lucky for me, I chose to wear my flats instead of those new Gucci studded platform monstrosities I bought on impulse last weekend because my new boss is a ridiculously short, insecure douche-bag. He can’t look up to a girl, so I make sure that I wear flats so he stares at my tits. We both win. My shoe choice literally saved my life. If boss man wasn’t a little Napoleon, I would be pushing up daisies, or looking for my own brains to snack on.

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ARCs Available!

Gillian Zane | 12:00 PM | Please comment!
Formatting is done.

Files are converted.

My brain is broken.


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Feature & Follow Post

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Hey everyone, first time Feature and Follow participant. Parajunkee told me I had to do it. So, please forgive me if I do it wrong.

How did you come up with your blog title and address? Does it have a special meaning for you? – Suggested by The Paperback Princess.

Well, this one is very easy. It's my name. How easy was that?

Thanks for stopping by! You guys have been all sorts of great as I entered this crazy blogging world.

Since I don't have any:

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Run Quotable! NSFW

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When the S#*t hits the fan what are the chances that you'll find that perfect someone?

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Promotional Tour Scheduled!

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Blog Tour for RUN!

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The Blog Tour for RUN has been scheduled! Come join the fun.

The RUN Promotional Tour - 

We need bloggers to participate in a promotional tour that will run from May 20th to May 29th. Romance & Erotica Bloggers Preferred. The novella has strong sexual content.

Sign up to be an ARC reviewer or Tour Stop on the debut tour for Gillian Zane's RUN

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